At Hita Tenryosui Co., Ltd., we prioritise health which is why we stick to our policy of conducting stringent quality tests on processed water. Scientifically advanced testing equipment is used by our quality checking experts to ensure goodness in every drop. These experts confirm microbiological, chemical and sensorial properties of water. Conduct color, pH level, and taste related tests so that processed water meets legal requirements and do not cause harm after consumption. After all the tests, we supply quality approved 500 ml Mineral Water Bottle, 2 Ltr Mineral Water Bottle and 12 Ltr Mineral Water Bottle to customers.


Hita Tenryosui water’s homeland, Hita City is situated in the central region of northern Kyushu, also known as small Kyoto. This town is surrounded by flowing water which is available everywhere along with the streets. The city is blessed with pure & fresh water which is always been the reason of proud for the town since ancient time. 

From the past several years, Hita City has been recognize as Suikyou (means water town) because this town is blessed by the nature with fresh & pure water. The Hita Basin is surrounded by beautiful mountains which are thousands of meters tall such as Kuju, Yabakei Gorge and active volcano, Mt. Aso representing Kyushu Island. This is the place from where Hita Tenryosui water comes from.

Leading up to the Birth of Hita Tenryou Sui

Hita Basin is surrounded by the series of mountains in Kyushu, the water comes in Suikyou which is Hita’s land after getting filtered in the nature. The water soaked in the mountains for the longer period and after that filtered through various rocky beds and several other strata & polished, the obtained water contains varied minerals and has good quality. 

The water samples of our company are filtered in natural filtration systems via several strata located deep underground in Hita Basin in Oita, Japan.

According to a survey held by research institute in the United States, the pumped up Hita Tenryosui Water is estimated to be about 3,600 yrs. old. 


Despite good water quality in Hita City, our water is taken only from few selected locations which makes it different and better from other kind of water available in Japan and rest of the world. Besides the water of Hita Tenryosui in Japan, water with similar qualities found only in three other countries in the whole world that are France, Mexico and Germany. 

Active Hydrogen Water

It is said that the water contains lots of active hydrogen (also known as Reduced Water), having a superb function of removing excess reactive oxygen, which is harmful for the body, outside the body. This is owing to the status of the Hydrogen in such type of water.


Water which is reduced naturally is a type of water which holds the hydrogen energy of the earth. Despite there is a scarcity of this water, through the quantitative analysis method and hydrogen radical detection method, the outcome shows that the water of Hita Tenryosui has high value of hydrogen radicals to the extent it become the water mark and stand next to Nordenau Water of Germany and Tlacote Water of Mexico. Amongst all these kind of water, Hita Tenryosui Water has the highest value of active hydrogen available in the water in comparison to the peers.


Dr. Peter Agre discovered that the passage of water on each cell membrane, known as Aquaporin. Due to this discovery, he has won the Noble Prize in Chemistry back in the year 2003. The function of aquaporin is to regulate the amount of water which passes through the cell. In case, the count of aquaporin decreases or when its function starts declining, there is a possibility that the person become ill.

Cell Permeability

Research head by Dr. Kitagawa, professor of Kyushu University in Japan, has proved that depending on the type of mineral water, there are few cells that pass through the aquaporin easily and few do not. Amongst the all, the water provided by Hita Tenryosui has 170% higher aquaporin permeability than other kind of mineral water.

Hita Tenryosui Co., Ltd. (Headquarter)

The business group of our company has grown for about more than 40 years as a community based organization which was founded in Hita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan. With the spirit of belief and appreciation, our company has become a prominent manufacturer whose goal is to provide good health to the customers through high quality & responsibility. 

Philosophy of Management

Our company works on the philosophy of providing health based beverage in the global market. For the good health of people, we make certain our products including 500 ml Mineral Water Bottle and 12 Ltr Mineral Water Bottle are tested stringently and packed carefully. For the healthy development of people, we are promoting Hitas Territorial Water from Japan to all the countries of the world. 

Radioactive Material Not Detected

Along with the water quality tests conducted on regular basis, we constantly keep examining the amount of radioactive material (radioactive cesium 134, radioactive iodine 131 & radioactive cesium 137) and its result comes as Undetected.

iTQi Award & MONDE Selection

  • Hita Tenryou Sui is appreciated worldwide for its good taste and high quality. It is because of these factors, ours has become Gold Award-winning water. 
  • For 10 years (2006-2012, 2016-2018, winner for 500ml PET bottle), we have been Monde Selection Highest Gold Award Winner. 
  • For 14 years (2005-2018), we have been winner of iTQi Excellent Taste Festival Excellent Taste Award.

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